My basic fee is $45.00 to design a 2-D ebook cover. This fee includes several initial variations (usually 3) on the style and/or design of your cover using a number of different fonts and placements. I will also manipulate the cover image if I think it will enhance the look you are seeking. From there, you can ask for three further amendments. If you require more than the six variations that we have now tried, then I charge an additional $5.00 per tweak.

If you want to use two images for your ebook cover design and I have to merge or blend them, then my fee is a bit higher – $55.00.

My basic fee does NOT include any time that I may spend looking for an image for you. If you want me to look for an image then I will have to charge for my time.

My design fee is payable through Paypal, so currency conversion is done automatically. I will send you an invoice so you have a record of the expense of your e-book cover.

Turn around time is about three days from the time I reply to your email. If you want express service, where I work solely on your cover design until it is finished, then the fee is $55.00.

If you want extensive work done that requires a lot of time to design your cover, I will have to charge you more for the cover. If this is a possibility, I will let you know in advance.

I will need an image to create your e-book cover. Many public domain or royalty free images can be found at Wiki Commons and PhotoPin. If you use one of these images for your e-book cover design it is possible you will STILL have to credit the original creator. You might also try Flickr in their creative commons area. FreepikPixabayPexels and Public Domain Pictures have wonderful resolution pictures that are in the public domain and free of charge.

If you don’t mind paying a bit for a great resolution ebook cover image Crestock has a fairly good selection for as little as $6.00 and CanstockPhoto has a very good selection.

Please remember to read all ebook cover image copyright material carefully.