About Me

Rita Toews ebook cover designer

I think I was born reading. By the time I was in grade four the librarian had me reading books and doing book reports so she could classify the books for the higher grades.

I started writing my first book when I was 23 and actually got the first chapter written. For some reason I thought that if you had a good idea for a book, then sat down and started writing it, the story would just flow out. Boy, did I get a surprise!

When I was 49 I decided that if I had an ambition to write, then I better get serious about it. Since then I've co-authored several ebooks including: "The Price of Freedom", "Masquerade" and "Prometheus". And one print book, entitled "Body Traffic", an RCMP mystery story set in Winnipeg is available at all bookstores.

As a sole author I have written three books on bullying -- "The Bully", "Bullying: A Parent's Primer" and "Why Me?". "The Bully" is also available in print.

My short stories have been published in "Western Producer", "A Cup of Comfort for Christmas", "Winnipeg Parent", "Zygote" and "Mysterical-e", "Columbia" and "Green Prints".

You can contact me by clicking this link.