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The gift of a quilt sends a message of love.  Whether to welcome a new baby in the family, to send a young person off for the first time away from home, or for a senior to brighten the bed in a care home – a handmade quilt sends a message of warmth and caring to a loved one.  No matter the road ahead for the recipient, your gift of a quilt will remind them of you each time it is used.

handmade quilt

Quilt made for my daughter

My quilts are made with love (and sometimes some frustration).  Each piece of cotton is carefully selected to add to the unique design.  Countless hours of planning and work go into each quilt I make.

These quilts are not perfect “designer” quilts that are exorbitantly priced.  They are made in my home by me, using materials from my “cache” or purchased for the project.  To keep my prices low, I may have pieced some fabrics to make a large enough backing rather than adding to the price by purchasing new yardage.  You will find the prices quite affordable so you will be able to make that exceptional gift for your loved one.

NOTE:  I do have a cat in my home so if you or the recipient of the quilt has cat allergies you should wash the quilt once you receive it.




Detail of quilt made for a friend

Some people like to wash their quilts before giving them to the recipient, and some don’t.  The difference?  A pre-washed quilt will be softer and have more “pucker” to showcase the quilting.  I have pre-washed some of my quilts and others are not washed.  I will indicate whether the quilt is washed or not in the description.



If you feel your quilt should be washed, then please use cold water and a gentle soap.  Use a short washing cycle and a cool tumble dry.


Shipping Charges

When you purchase a quilt I will parcel it up and get an estimate from the post office as to what the shipping charges are plus the cost of insurance.  I will then let you know how much extra it will cost you in postage.



I accept payment via etransfer or Paypal.




Diamonds in the Rough:

Quilt for Sale

Diamonds in the Rough

One of my favorite quilts.  Hard to let go of it.  Lovely bright colors used along with black and white prints. Size is 43 inches x 55 inches.  Unwashed.

Quilt for Sale

Detail of Quilt

The backing for this quilt is one piece of yellow fabric.  It would make a wonderful lap quilt or an “eye spy” quilt for a special child.  The black and white fabrics includes bicycles, music notes, chicken wire, snowflakes, cats, birds, ants and Dr. Seuss images.

Price: $200.00

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Need a quilt for a man or boy?

quilt for sale

Quilt for Sale

This quilt would be great for a man or a boy going off to college.  Very soft and made for snuggling in.

Quilt size is 64 inches x 64 inches.  The quilt is unwashed.  The backing is one piece of fabric.



Price:  $250.00

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Garden Windows

quilt for sale

Garden Windows Quilt


This quilt came about as a “paint chip challenge”.  We were given three paint chips and then had to get fabric in those three colors and create a quilt.  Very FUNKY colors!

quilt for Sale

Detail of Quilt

The quilt is 48 inches x 48″.  To keep my cost down I pieced the backing.  This quilt is unwashed.


Price – $50.00

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Bright Circles

Quilt for Sale

Bright Circles Quilt

I have just finished this quilt.  A friend had made the same pattern for her grandson and I fell in love with the pattern of two sizes of circles.

Quilt for Sale

Detail of Quilt

Bright isn’t it?  But it is perfect for a child’s room, or to liven up a living room.

This quilt is unwashed.  The backing is one piece of a beautiful fabric with circles on it.

Size is 55 inches x 70 inches

Price – $250.00

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Tula Pink – Small

Tula Pink Design Quilt for Sale

Tula Pink Design Quilt – Small

Tula Pink is a talented quilt designer and this is a portion of her “City Sampler” quilt.  The book contains 100 quilt blocks that get put together in a unique way.  Each 8 inch block is a little vignette that is constructed and quilted individually.  They are then assembled into a quilt using a sashing technique.  It’s labour intensive but oh, so much fun!

Tula Pink Quilt for Sale

Detail of Quilt Block

Tula Pink Quilt for Sale

Detail of Quilt Blocks

Tula Pink Quilt for Sale

Detail of Back






I enjoyed doing the block so much that I made extra and created two quilts – a large and a small.  This is the small version.

The backing on this quilt is pieced from a variety of different fabrics and the quilting from each square is very visible.  This is not a quilt where you want to show off the back.  Because of the construction,  it is quite heavy in weight.  It is unwashed and measures 54 inches x 54 inches.

This is a STUNNING quilt that everyone will envy.

Price $300.00

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Tula Pink – Large

Tula Pink Quilt Design

Tula Pink – Large

I had so much fun making the Tula Pink “City Sampler” quilt blocks that I made several extras and create two quilts with them.  This is the larger of the two and it is stunning. Each square is its own little vignette.

Tula Pink Quilt for Sale

Detail of Back

Once again, because of the construction of the quilt, the back has been pieced with several fabrics and the intense quilting on the back each square is visible.  You wouldn’t show off the back.

Tula Pink style quilt for sale

Detail of Block

Due to the construction technique, this is a heavy quilt.  

The size is 81 inches x 63 inches.

Price:  $500.00

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