Comments on my ebook cover design work

"I rarely give testimonials and yet this deserves such. When I agreed to assist a 92-year old author publish the memoirs of his days caring for his beloved wife's suffering through Alzheimer's, I had no idea what to expect. One of the most rewarding tasks was working with Rita Toews on designing a cover that would capture the book and its essence. She was a professional's professional and a delight to work with at every stage. We highly recommend her services and will use them again." Dr. L. Darryl Armstrong (June 2017)

"I was initially attracted to Rita's designs because of their sleek design and elegant simplicity. A lot of covers I looked at were too busy or overstated. She worked with me until we got the right style and fit for my novel. I couldn't be more pleased. Rita was a pleasure to work with, very professional, responded quickly and really listened to what I wanted for my book." Elie Axelroth, Author of Thin Places

"Rita Toews provides flourishing detail for a beautiful e-book cover." Mary Matthews, author of Waiting for Cary Grant.

"Rita is a pleasure to work with. I hired her to do a couple of covers and then hired again to do five more." New York Times Bestselling Author David J. Lieberman, Ph.D.

"You did it again. I've been racking my brain for ages with fancy, creative ideas for a suitable e-book cover. You've come up with a perfect solution yet again." Bryan Evans, Author of Bog Swamp Boogie

"Working with Rita has been a delightful experience. She is creative, prompt and responsive. The layout she designed for us is warm, welcoming and elegantly simple - a perfect match for the book it represents. We couldn't be happier!" Sandra Blackard, author of Say What You See

"Rita not only did an excellent job with the cover to my first Ebook, but was very pleasant throughout the entire process. Her emails were prompt and she created multiple choices based on what I told her I had envisioned. She was willing to make changes if I asked... I hope another book is in my future and if so, Rita will be too." Ken Worden, Author of Gals, Guns & Banana Cream Pie

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