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Give your book or e-book the unique cover artwork it deserves. You’ve poured a lot of heart and soul into your latest book, not to mention hours of your time. Your characters, settings, and plot have come alive on the page…I can bring your book cover to life too.

As an author myself, I know just how important the right cover can be to your book sales. The old adage tells us not to judge books by their cover, but in today’s crowded online marketplace, a well-made cover is the first thing that catches your readers eyes!

Let’s collaborate on your vision!

I’ve designed over 1,800 covers to date and I’ll work closely with you to make sure you get the customized e-book cover design of your dreams. From genre novels to non-fiction books, I work with authors across the globe to deliver affordable book covers without sacrificing on quality.

In addition to standard e-book covers, I also create POD covers for print books, CD covers for audiobooks and 3D covers for e-books or print books you want to display on your website. Check out my portfolio to view covers I’ve done for some of my many satisfied customers.

Also, please check out my own books both for terrific stories as well as amazing cover design:  Body Traffic, Check Mate, Out of Galilee and under my pen name – The House an Alcoholic Built.

Ready to make your book stand out from the pack?

Starting at just $45.00 you can get a professional, custom e-book or POD design that’s as unique as your story. To order your e-book cover or print book cover

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