About Me

The House an Alcoholic BuiltI think I was born reading. By the time I was in grade four the librarian had me reading books and doing book reports so she could classify the books for the higher grades.

I started writing my first book when I was 23 and actually got the first chapter written. For some reason I thought that if you had a good idea for a book, then sat down and started writing it, the story would just flow out. Boy, did I get a surprise!

When I was 49 I decided that if I had an ambition to write, then I better get serious about it. Since then I’ve co-authored several ebooks including: “The Price of Freedom”, “Masquerade” and “Prometheus”. And one print book, entitled “Body Traffic”, an RCMP mystery story set in Winnipeg is available at all bookstores.

As a sole author I have written three books on bullying — “The Bully”, “Bullying: A Parent’s Primer” and “Why Me?”. “The Bully” is also available in print.

My short stories have been published in “Western Producer”, “A Cup of Comfort for Christmas”, “Winnipeg Parent”, “Zygote” and “Mysterical-e”, “Columbia” and “Green Prints”.



“I rarely give testimonials and yet this deserves such. When I agreed to assist a 92-year old author publish the memoirs of his days caring for his beloved wife’s suffering through Alzheimer’s, I had no idea what to expect. One of the most rewarding tasks was working with Rita Toews on designing a cover that would capture the book and its essence. She was a professional’s professional and a delight to work with at every stage. We highly recommend her services and will use them again.” Dr. L. Darryl Armstrong

“I was initially attracted to Rita’s designs because of their sleek design and elegant simplicity. A lot of covers I looked at were too busy or overstated. She worked with me until we got the right style and fit for my novel. I couldn’t be more pleased. Rita was a pleasure to work with, very professional, responded quickly and really listened to what I wanted for my book.” Elie Axelroth, Author of Thin Places

“Rita is a pleasure to work with. I hired her to do a couple of covers and then hired again to do five more.” New York Times Bestselling Author David J. Lieberman, Ph.D.