book cover by Rita ToewsWhen planning your ebook cover, remember – simple is better. Your potential purchaser will only see a tiny thumbnail when they surf a vendor site. Stick to showing the title, your author name and a single image that gives the mood of your book.

And with your image, don’t try to show your reader details of what YOU want them to see in the story. Let them use their imagination to enter your story and make it their own.

Pay for a good quality image for your book cover or use one of the free image sites I mention on my services page.

Images often come in different sizes so ask me which size to purchase. Generally a medium size will work very well but depending on how you want to use it, a small one might be fine.

And here’s a novel idea! Maybe you don’t need an image at all. Maybe just texture or the novel use of color will sell you ebook better.

Plan on a font that is easily read at a glance. Printed book covers can be held in your hand and examined at leisure. An ebook cover is viewed on a website in a very small size. The eye is skimming the site looking for a reason to stop. An easily read font will attract attention over a fancy font every time.

In the end, remember that you are an author. That’s what you do well. I’m a cover designer who has created over 1,500 wonderful ebook covers for my authors.

Let me design your cover for you and you’ll have a cover that sells your work.